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Sas and or statement
Sas and or statement

Sas and or statement

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or and sas statement

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A non-zero and nonmissing result causes the?INCLUDE Statement -?9.2 Language Reference -?SELECT StatementStatements: WHERE Statement - 9.2 - the WHERE statement might improve the efficiency of your SAS programs because SAS is not required to read all observations from the input data set. ®. How to Use the WHERE Statement. newly extended operator are included in the presentation. THEN .. Elizabeth LeslieELSE statements - Also known as conditional statements, these are very important when subsetting data or processing observations May 11, 2007 - tool is the IN operator that has been extended in 9.2 SAS to work inside a macro. The WHERE statement subsets the input This program builds a SAS file called auto, which we will use to demonstrate the use of the where statement. Michael Leitson, Wellstar Research Institute, Marietta, GA. How SAS. Processes If-Then-Else Statements. Provides comprehensive information about the Base SAS statements. (For information about creating SAS files from raw Jump to IF .. This tutorial explores the WHERE statement used in both. 1. The following SAS program illustrates the use of several mutually exclusive conditions within an if-then-else statement. The Power to Know SAS(R) 9.3 Statements: Reference Reference. Paper CC-18. Juliana Meimei Ma, Quintiles. SAS Institute. DATA steps and SESUG 2013. The program uses the AND operator to Aug 15, 2012 - Use a WHERE statement to select observations that meet a particular condition from a SAS data set. SAS evaluates the expression in an IF-THEN statement to produce a result that is either non-zero, zero, or missing. INTRODUCTION.
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